Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Dark Iron

I was recently in the area o' the Redridge Mountains that the humans have taken to calling 'The Burning Steppes' on an assingment fer Royal Historian Archsonus. I have nea been here in many, many years, since me time in th' mighty Ironforge Defence Forces, and I must say, It ha' nae changed for the better.
It is still devoid of plants, the ground still smells like sulphur (An' no, not in that nice hot molten metal way we all love so much!) and there are beasties everywhere.
Me travels took me to the ruins of 'Thaussarian', the former capital city of the Dark Iron nation.

Nae much left now, fer sure. The War devastated it, and whatever foul magics the rebel leaders unleashed ha played hell wit' th' land.
Now, I am not a fan of the Dark Irons. I mean, th' war damn near tore me beloved Ironforge apart, and generations of fine Dwarves fell to the  Dark Iron blades. I can nea speak for the Wildhammer clans...They lost their beloved city of Grim Batol, near as fine a city as Old Ironforge.It remains uninhabital to this very day.
But as much horror as th' War caused, they didn't deserve this.

No one does.

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