Friday, October 22, 2010

This be me, and this be me axe...or whatever.

I have felt compelled of late to join in th' discussion regarding me fellow warriors and some recent events that ha been takin' place across our beloved Lands.
First, I need to clarify me role. I am not one of those touchy feely types of dwarves. I do not 'protect'. I do not 'intercept', and ye can be damn sure if I 'taunt' something, it's because I want to kill it meself, not to save yer cloth wearing behind. I kill things. Me personal favorite is is the Horde, but I'll settle for anything that can fight back.
Now that that's out of the way, and we know where both stand, I have me some concerns. As I have been out and about in the country lately, strange things have been afoot. The hordies have been a mite more agressive than usual, and there are strange things going on....More strange than any other Hallows Eve, I mean. The very ground itself is shaking, great, fearsome trembeling that I haven't felt for many, many seasons, since the end of the War with Illidan's forces, and the fall of the Black Temple.

It also seems I am not the only one concerned... Something strange is coming indeed. If ye have come across anything, please, share yer experiences. It might be th' very thing that might save yer backside someday, and mine as well.

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