Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Speaking in Strange Languages

Well, me head is hurting and I've been having the oddest thoughts lately. I been dreamin' in numbers! Now, us Bronzebeard clansmen aren't too good with numbers, except our engineers....and our artillerymen...and our brewers...and our  Royal Historians....Well, so maybe we do have a few 'numbers people' in Ironforge, but I usually aint' one of them. Anyway, I woke up the other day, and on me bedside table was a grubby bit o' paper with th' following on it.

*****Fury DPS post 4.0******
Some extremely amature testing post patch has lead me to some interesting conclusions. I was, before the patch, an extremely happy warrior. I had my lovely little babies Ramaladanis Blade of Culling (Axe i251 ICC 10) and Citadeal Enforcers Claymore (i251 sword ICC 10) and was merrily tearing things apart left and right. Well, patch day came and went and my warrior who used to pull massive damage on all things unpleasant was suddenly hitting like I had a nerf wepon in each hand, literally. I even ran a heroic and got out dpsed' by the pally tank!
So, after some playing around with the new talents, I decided that since my big gunz weren't working out, I went for a 'TBC' feel and decided to use some old weapons I had in the bank and test out 1h fury again. I got ahold of a couple of Ghoulslicers (i219 from HoR-Reg); and set up a 1 handed fury spec.

Priorities for abilities are : Bloothirst, Strike, Heroic Strike, Slam when its up and Raging Blow when its up.

I went to Heroic Halls of Reflection to test this spec and style out ( I like to go for the throat; If it will hold up there, it will hold up anywhere.) and was suprised at the results to say the least. I did insane, stupidly high dps without even using CD's.

So, after this observation, I went to IF and did some testing. With the following spec and gear

I did the following(rough numbers) on the heroic target dummy, no buffs except Battle Shout.
Current gear with i219 Ghoulslicerx2=4700
Current gear with i232 Liar's Tounge'sx2= 4200
Current gear with the two 2handers above=4000

So, as of where I sit right now, It feels like that the TBC/Pre BC requirements of slow one handers with high crit rating is what 1h fury likes the best. I get rage starved with the fast 1handers, and the two 2 handers just feels too clunky now.
I know this isn't scientific, but these are my observations so far. After the first hotfix, the 1h dps got even better and I came to the fun realization: As long as Blizzard doesn't change the mechanics of charge or stop me from tearing things apart in a flurry of flashing blades...I'll be ok.  Fury warriors forever!

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